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Madeinsl.lk is an inception to promote Sri Lankan small to medium scale producers, arts and crafts, local service providers, local cuisines and
Sri Lankan culture. Parent company “Silk Road Retailers” is an initiative of our directors to sell and share “Ape Nipayum” (our local produces) to anyone who wants to taste the blend of Sri Lankan culture and values.

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We believe that it’s our responsibility to showcase our highly enriched heritage, traditions and cultural values to the world. We believe that we need to preserve our authenticity so the future generations can continue our legacy. We believe us as Sri Lankans are holding unique qualities, capabilities and values that we should share with the rest of the world. Silk Road Retailers are striving to show case and share our Sri Lankan goods and services. We as a company being encouraged through innovations while preserving the Sri Lankan brand. We will be a responsible entity to support and empower each and every community we are engaged in to develop a sustainable future for all our stakeholders.

We are representing and distributing Sri Lankan made products under our brand or their respective brands. We are reaching out to our local producers for their quality products and make them commercially viable. Supplier who wishes to showcase your products that are touched with Sri Lankan culture and heritage; now it is one click away to join us.

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